John Deere 5095MH

John Deere 5095MH Review

The John Deere 5095MH Hi Crop is a tractor that has been specifically designed to have a very high free height. This makes it perfect to pass over fruits and vegetables that cannot be touched with the tractor. Use the same engine as the John Deere 5095m. It is a Powertech M4045 engine that works with diesel and has a volume of 4. 5 liters. The engine is cooled by liquid by means of a system that needs 11. 4 liters of refrigerant. The admission of air in the engine passes through a dr y-type air filter that fry the dust air that can potentially obstruct one of the 4 cylinders.

There is an option of 1 standard transmission and 3 optional in the John Deere 5095MH. The standard gearbox is a syncshuttle plus that provides the tractor 12 gears forward and 4 back. The 3 options of optional changes are a Syncreverser that provides the 16 marches to the tractor both forward and back, a Powreverser that also provides 16 speeds both forward and backward. The last is a Powreverser Plus transmission that provides 32 speeds forward and 16 for reverse. All transmissions use a humid clutch.

The most striking of the tractor are its huge tires, both measure 230/95R40, which gives it a bit strange appearance compared to most tractors that have small and small front wheels. The John Deere 5095MH has the option of coming with a cabin or an open station of the operators (both of which have a ROPS). The JD 5095MH shipping weight is 3220 kg (7100 lbs) when it comes with the open operator. The cabin version has a shipping weight of 3538 kg (7800 lbs). If you have previous experience in the use of this John Deere Tractor, then, please let others know what they should expect from it, leaving a comment below.

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