John Deere 7G18


The sel f-propelled spectacis John Deere 7G18 obtains its power of a Command engine designed and manufactured by Kohler. The ai r-cooled engine has a displacement of 0. 49 liters. The engine power is 18 hp and works with gasoline. The fuel tank feeds the engine is very large, capable of containing up to 18. 9 liters (5 American gallons) of gasoline, which means that it will not have to constantly fill it even for periods of intense operation. The engine is lubricated by a pressure lubrication system. Unfortunately, it does not start with a key, but with a rope recoil mechanism.

Instead of having only one way forward and no reverse, the John Deere 7G18 is quite sophisticated. It has a 5-speed transmission to move forward and a speed to back down. Some will seem interesting that the maximum speed of JD 7G18 is 11. 3 km/h when it moves forward, which means that the operator would have to run just to keep up. Under reverse, it is also quite agile, reaching a maximum speed of 4. 8 km/h.

The back of the John Deere 7G18 grass offer a fantastic traction and are quite large, which means that they will almost never leave a thread mark, even in very soft terrain. They measure 16 × 6. 5-8 (16 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width, 8 inches in tire diameter). The 4 8-inch cutting platform of the JD 7G18 is from the 7 Iron II Commercial Platform series, so it is built from a single continuous caliber steel sheet 7 to offer greater durability. Although the cutting width of JD G18 is 48 inches, its total width is really 62 inches when the discharge channel is down. Models similar to this include the John Deere G15 and the John Deere WG32A.

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