Poulan Pro 540ZX


The zer o-pulan pro 540zx spi n-spin cuts is one of the largest zer o-turned zero machines available by Poulan Pro that also includes the Poulan Pro 541ZX. Other machines of this range that have a smaller and less power width include the zer o-rotating spi n-turn cuts Poulan pro 380zx and Poulan Pro 460zx. The 540 ZX engine is a 2 Professional Series cylinders manufactured by Briggs and Stratton. This gasoline engine uses a double Hydro-Gear Ezt hydrostatic transmission to bring power to the rear wheels. This Hydro-Gear transmission allows the driver to act each rear wheel separately from the other, which allows it to make radio zero turns. Hydro-GEAR transmission provides the corteped with a maximum speed of 10. 5 km/h.

The engine transfers the power to the blades of the cutting platform through an electric clutch. The Poulan Pro 540ZX cutter platform has 6 different cutting heights, from a minimum height of 1. 5 inches on the ground to a maximum height of 4 inches on the ground. On the edge of the cutting platform, you will notice 4 very small wheels. These are anti-rod wheels that follow the contours of the ground, forcing the 540 ZX platform to follow the contours of the soil, which prevents the grass from scraping if the land is quite irregular.

The high backup seat of Poulan Pro 540ZX is covered with vinyl, which means that it will not easily degrade. The maintenance of the Zero 540ZX Giro Speech is quite simple thanks to the hour accountant that includes standard. This allows you to know exactly when you have to take it to review. The 540ZX Speaker weighs 290. 3 kg. It has a 2-year guarantee for owners who buy it for personal use.

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