Husqvarna P-ZT6126


The Husqvarna P-ZT6126 Zero Speaker is very similar to Husqvarna P-ZT6128 in almost all aspects, except in power. The P-ZT 6126, on which this review is about, has 2 hp less power. However, it has the same cutting platform size, which has a 6 1-inch cutting width. Although the cutting width measures 61 inches wide, the total width of the roof comes to 74. 5 inches when you measures it with the discharge channel that is tied to the side of the roof. An electrical clutch is used to hook the cover of the cutter that consists of three blades.

When dealing with the grass cuts in the Husqvarna P-ZT6126, the operator has 3 options. The easiest and least time option is to download the cuts on the side of the machine. However, you can also use a mulching kit to convert grass cuts into a nutritious mulch that rots quickly on the ground, returning nutrients to the earth. The third option is also the one that consumes the longest. It is a borrowing accessory that can be added to the back of the cutter to collect the cuts, leaving the grass with a much cleaner appearance. In the front of the cutting platform there are 5 ant i-vibration wheels that prevent the platform from “hooking” to the ground.

The Husqvarna P-ZT6126 is propelled by a Kawasaki gasoline engine of the FX series. This bicylindrical engine has a displacement of 0. 726 liters and provides pzt 6126 26 horsepower. The pressure lubrication system has capacity for 2. 1 liters of oil. A Dual ZT3400 hydrostatic transmission system transfers engine power to each rear wheel. The maximum speed of the P-ZT6126 cut is 16. 1 km/h, which allows you to cut up to 4. 9 grass acres every hour. This model comes with a limited 2-year warranty for people who buy it for commercial purposes.

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