John Deere 750


The John Deere 750 is a small farm tractor designed and built by JD that ran for 8 years, from 1981 to 1989. It certainly wasn’t the biggest tractor ever built by the John Deere guys, but it’s a popular model, nohowever. The engine is a 1. 3 liter Yanmar diesel. It is a 3 cylinder engine and requires 4. 4 liters of coolant to fill it completely. Forward, the JD 750 has 8 gears while reverse has 2.

Interestingly it is only slightly heavier than some of the larger mowers John Deere produces today. The 2WD version weighs 771kg coming off the production line, while the 4WD version is understandably a bit heavier at 860kg. The fuel tank of the John Deere 750 has a capacity for 23. 5 liters of diesel.

As already stated in the article, the John Deere 750 is not very big. It is only 2. 84 m long and 1. 13 cm wide, making it a very compact tractor. But it has a 3 point hitch which makes it ideal for many attachments such as cultivators/rotavators, fertilizer spreaders. It also has a front loader attachment that can accommodate forks and the like. One of the main advantages of the JD 750 is the fact that it can make tight turns very easily, although unfortunately it does not have power steering.

John Deere 750J

It’s important not to confuse the 750 with the John Deere 750J, which is a large tracked bulldozer built by John Deere with an impressive 148hp John Deere 6068H engine. The JD 750J has hydrostatic transmission. Its impressive blade measures 3. 3 m (130 inches) wide and 1. 19 m (47 inches) high, while its fuel tank has an impressive capacity of 371 liters (98 gallons). Remember that the crawler dozer and the tractor are two completely different types of vehicles.

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