Craftsman 28001 12


Tractor & Lawn Mower Review

The Craftsman 28001 12. 5 HP 30 inches is one of the smallest walk in the cutcases that you can buy from Craftsman. It is really very small and thought only for use in smaller gardens that extend in size from about 0. 5 acres to rough 2. 5 acres. The engine that acts is not as strong as the tastes of the Craftsman 13Al78ST299 21 HP 46 inches or the Craftsman 13An77ss299 17. 5 HP 42 inches cortesped sit on the grass cutters of the garden tractor. The engine that bosses it is a briggs and Stratton monocylinder that supplies 12. 5 horsepower. The engine uses cast iron cylinder and a splash lubrication system to ensure that the engine does not grab during operation or wear excessively. An ignition system is used to start the engine, which is kept cold using an air cooling fan. The only engine air filter prevents the entry of impurities into the combustion chamber.

The Craftsman 28001 cutting platform has only a single sheet that crosses a width of the 3 0-inch cut. The cutting platform is made of the calibrator steel 13. Lifting and lowering the cutting platform is made with a sprin g-assisted lever. Some people like to download grass cuts on the grass while cutting the grass and raking them later. However, you also have the option to tie a posterior Bagger to pick them up to make your gaze from the grass much more neat.

Although the tractor of the Craftsman Garden tractor 28001 12. 5 HP 30 inches is small with a small cover of the cutter, it still has a very large minimum torn radius of 30 inches that can be a bit tooSmall and confined garden. The front axle is made of steel.

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