Husqvarna EZ3417


The Husqvarna Ez3417 Cero Speaker is quite different from the largest models available in Husqvarna that include the Husqvarna Rz4219F and Husqvarna Bz7234 husqvarna. You will find very often the EZ 3417 spectacle being used by individuals as well as commercial landscapers and professional gardeners. The platform of this corteped has a 3 4-inch cutting width. The cover is made of the steel 7 manufactured calibrator. In total there are 2 identical blades within the platform, each of which has a length of 17 inches. The platform works in a 3-inch range. It can cut as low as 1. 5 inches above the ground and as high as 4. 5 inches above the ground. The platform rises and lowers in quite small increases of 0. 5 inches.

The engine that drives the Husqvarna EZ3417 is a kawasaki that produces a maximum power of 17 hp. This engine feeds with gasoline from a tank that can contain up to 18. 2 liters (4. 8 US gallons). The engine activates the rear wheels through a transmission system that allows the cutting to reach a maximum speed of 11. 3 km/h when moving forward. Under reverse, EZ 3417 can reach a maximum speed of 6. 4 km/h.

The power is transferred from the Husqvarna engine EZ3417 to the rear wheels. The rear wheels support most of the weight of the corteped and drive it forward. They also turn the cut. That is why the rear wheels are much larger than the front. The rear wheels measure 23 × 8. 5-12 (23 inches in diameter, 8. 5 inches of width, 12 inches in tire diameter). They also have a grass thread that clicks to the ground without tear it. The front wheels are smooth and measure 13 × 5-6 (13 inches in diameter, 5 inches of width, 6 inches in tire diameter).

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