Simplicity Conquest


The Simplicity Conquest Simpped is similar in many aspects to Simplicity Legacy XL and Simplicity Prestige, except that it is not so powerful. The Conquest has a motor option when you are buying it. The first is a coupage engine manufactured by Kohler that provides 23 hp. The second option is a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series Moower that gives 24 hp. Both engines start with a 1 2-volt battery that provides 240 cold starting amps. Both engines transfer the power to the wheels by means of a TUFF Torq K 66 hydrostatic transmission, which means that it is not necessary to change the march during operation.

This hydrostatic transmission provides Simplicity with a maximum speed of 9. 8 km/h forward. In reverse, the maximum speed is 4. 8 km/h. The speed is controlled by an accelerator operated with the foot. The minimum rotation radius of the Conquest is only 18 inches, which facilitates its handling in very small spaces. The rear tires measure 23 × 10. 5-12 (23 inches in diameter, 10. 5 inches of width, 12 inches in tire diameter) while the front tires measure 16 × 6. 5-8 (16 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width, 8 inches in tire diameter).

The Simplicity Conquest platform with Kohler engine has a 4 6-inch cutting width. The model cutting platform with Motor Briggs & Stratton has a 5 2-inch cutting width. Each platform of the cortesped consists of 3 blades instead of a large one that makes a much better cut. The cutting of the cortesped on both models can be lifted and lowered from 1 inch over the ground to 3. 75 inches above the ground. The elevation and descent of the cutting platform is made electrically, which means that it has an infinite number of cutting heights. The CONQUEST has serial cruise control, as well as a hour accountant so that I can know next time to get the service. Click here to buy the Simplicity Conquest.

2 Reviews of the Simplicity Conquest

I bought this tractor through Craigs list. First impressions were how can someone pay so much for a tractor and allow it to be put in this shape. It had new tires, just rebuilt K66L, and a replacement 2014 23 HP vanguard motor (red can). I bought this tractor with 445 hours on the tractor and about 8 hours on the engine. When I removed the cover to replace the drive belt and check and adjust the PTO clutch I found so much surface rust I figured this thing had been sitting in a pond for a few years. So, I had the whole part cleaned of surface rust and painted, replaced any missing or bad fasteners, new drive belt, put it back together. The paint was in good condition but faded so I buffed and waxed it and powder coated the footrest. The deck was in very good condition and just needed some paint, sharp blades. Turns out this tractor is a beast. Very easy to maneuver on the move, turning at rest it is quite heavy. I am very satisfied with this tractor. I paid possibly too much for it, but it had a lot of new and rebuilt parts. But now I’m very happy with it. I can’t believe how quiet all the Vanguard motors are and have plenty of torque. Parts are easy to find and no more expensive than any other professional tractor. But if you want to pay a lot for parts, buy one of those green tractors. I feel like my orange tractor is a great economical tractor. But I have 2 other Simplicity Tractors, Broadmoor, Sovereigm 18 hydro, an Allis Chalmers, a Wheelhorse, a Cub Cadet, and yes a 1997 MTD GT that will still mow and work with the best of them. Have I mentioned keeping everything I have, some say over keeping

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