Husqvarna YTH1848XP


The Husqvarna Yth1848xP Speaker Tractor obtains its power of a two cylinder Kawasaki engine that develops up to 18 hp. This engine uses a pressure lubrication system and has a rotating oil filter. The engine starts with a 1 2-volt battery that provides 280 cold starting amps and recharges through an alternator of 14 amps. The engine obtains its fuel from a tank that can contain up to 13. 2 liters of gasoline. This engine activates the YTH1848 XP cutting platform.

The cutting platform has a 4 8-inch cut width in the ythvarna yth1848 xp. This platform connects with an electric force and the blades are operated by Correa. The cutting platform works over 2. 5 inches, from a low of 1. 5 inches to a 4-inch high on the earth. On the front of the platform there is a nose roller and on the sides there are caliber wheels / anti-scalp wheels. All these work together to keep the platform aligned with the contours of the land on which it moves. This makes the cut very uniform and prevents the blades and the platform from cut or nail on the ground.

To treat grass cuts in Husqvarna YTH1848XP, there are 3 different options. The first is simply throwing them along the side of the housing through the plastic discharge duct. Unfortunately, this means that your grass will have a fairly messy and ugly appearance. Another option is to use a mulch plug that converts the cutter cuts so that they rot faster and do not look so antistnetic on their grass. The last option is to buy the rear burn to collect the cuts. Models similar to Husqvarna YTH1848 XP include the Husqvarna YTH1542XP which is smaller and the Husqvarna Yth2042 that is more powerful but has a smaller cut platform.

7 Reviews of the Husqvarna YTH1848XP

I bought this new top in 2005 to replace a JD STX38. It has been a much better shortage of JD. I have used it to cut the grass, air and cut leaves, branches and twigs in natural areas. 15 gallons sprayer to use along the line close. The cutter is not spoiled and has always endured. I have never changed the spindles of the platform, I have only lubricated them. I have changed the straps only once. I have definitely obtained the value of my money from this corteped. I think it has been reliable because I have kept it according to the owner’s manual.

I have no complaint, I live in a small city and I have driven it because I have been able to eat, I have had some beers because it has lights. I feel like one of the characters on the television series The King of the Colina, all the boys in Mike Judge’s animated series were proud of their grass tractors and I suppose I am. Husky has never broken down while working, that’s why I like it. I use a wheelchair, Segway and a small electric scooter to move to a disability and this tractor allows me to maintain two properties.

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