Husqvarna BZ7234


The Husqvarna Bz7234 Cero Specker is practically the largest and most bad machine you can get from the boys of Husqvarna. This cuttage will never be in possession of individual housing owners. On the contrary, most of the time it will be used by commercial gardening equipment. The main reason is obvious, the price. But there are also many other reasons. The BZ 7234 cut platform has a 7 2-inch cutting width and the engine produces 34 hp, completely inefficient for an owner.

If you buy the Bz7234 new Husqvarna, then it comes with a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard diesel engine or a Diesel Diesel Diesel Motor, both of 34 hp. Both engines obtain the fuel from a set of twin fuel deposits with a combined capacity of 44 liters of diesel. The engine transfers the power to the 3 blades of the cutting platform through a belt transmission system. This cutting platform has a wide range of operation. It can work at a height as low as 2. 5 cm from the ground and as high as 15 cm from the ground (a total range of 10. 5 cm). The cutting platform downloads the grass cuts on the side of the standard platform. There are a total of 6 small antique wheels coupled to the cutting platform that work to keep it constantly high from the ground.

As Husqvarna BZ7234 is mainly used by commercial contractors, fortunately it has a digital hour accountant so that it can measure accurately when you need maintenance. The wheels receive engine power through a double Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission. This allows BZ 7234 to reach a maximum speed of 17. 7 km/h forward, while reverse has a maximum speed of 8 km/h. The most similar (but less powerful) machine is the Husqvarna BZ6127.

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