Husqvarna 2748GLS


The Husqvarna 2748GLS gluscésped tractor is very similar to the Husqvarna 2754gls, but has a smaller cut platform. The 2748 GLS cut platform has a 4 8-inch cutting width (which is quite obvious by the name). This cutting platform has 3 blades working together that produce a much cleaner and more thin cut than a single blade working alone. The platform can be raised or lowered to 6 different heights that each differ by approximately 0. 5 inches. The lowest height that the roof works in is 0. 5 inches on the earth while the highest that works in is 3. 5 inches on the earth.

The tires on which the Husqvarna 2748Gls are quite large to distribute their weight on the ground without leaving great marks. The rear wheels of 2748 gls are the largest and measure 20 × 10 (20 inches in diameter, 10 inches of width) and the front tires are a bit smaller, each one measures 15 × 6 (15 inches in diameter, 6 inchesof width). The rear wheels activate the tractor and the fronts are responsible for directing it. The top of the cutcase has a high 1 5-inch support that provides the driver for a good support for long periods of work.

The Husqvarna 2748GLS glsped tractor engine is a Briggs and Stratton engine of the Vanguard series. This Vanguard model provides 2738 GLS 23 hp. The engine is 2 cylinders with cast iron shirts. The total motor size is 0. 721 liters. The engine takes the gasoline from a tank that can contain up to 11. 4 liters of gasoline. Although this is a large and powerful host, it still has a quite decent minimum rotation radius of just 18 inches. If you currently or previously possessed or still used the prister 2748gls, then take care of leaving a review of your experiences with it.

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