Husqvarna 2042LS


The Husqvarna 2042LS cutter tractor is equipped with a Briggs and Stratton Endurance series. This engine is a 2-cylinder model with cast iron shirts. It has a total displacement of 0. 508 liters and uses a pressure lubrication system so that everything works correctly. The Briggs and Stratton engine of the 2042 LS grass tractor has a pape r-type air filter to prevent small particles and dust from entering the engine. The engine power is transferred to the spinning wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This configuration of the gearbox provides the infinite speeds from the end and backward speeds, which makes it an automatic tractor.

The rear wheels of the Husqvarna 2042LS cut, which drive it forward, measure 20 × 10 (20 inches in diameter, 10 inches of width), while the front wheels, responsible for the direction of the 2042 LS, measure 15 × 6 (15inches in diameter, 6 inches of width). On the front and rear edges of the cutting housing there are a total of 4 wheels. These guide the platform evenly on the cutting surface, ensuring that the blades never touch the ground. The platform has a 4 2-inch cut width. This platform has 2 blades and is made of resistant steel. The platform has a 3-inch operation range, from a minimum of 0. 5 inches above the ground to a maximum of 3. 5 inches above the ground. In total, there are 6 operating heights. The platform rises and lowers by means of a spring assisted lever.

The 2042LS Husqvarna fuel tank has capacity for 9. 5 liters of gasoline. A model similar to this is the Husqvarna Yth2042 Speaker Tractor since it has the same engine power and the same cutting width. Make sure your thoughts down in this garden tractor host.

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