Craftsman ZTS7000 21 HP 42 Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower


The Craftsman 7800753 21 HP 42 inches Zero Turn Portacésped is also known as the ZTS7000 Speaker. The top of this model in this model uses 2 blades on a pendant platform of the cutter. The advantages of using a pendant platform is that it follows the contours of your grass better than a fixed platform thanks to the 2 caliber wheels that are joined on the front edge of the cutting platform. The platform can rise and lower more than 5 cm, from a minimum of 5 cm above the ground to a maximum of 7 cm. The blades are housed on a 1 4-caliber steel platform. The discharge fin that is made of plastic is located on the right side of the roof. This adds about 10 inches to the total width of the roof.

The blades in the Craftsman ZTS 7000 are led strap using the power of 21 horses of the Briggs and Stratton engine. This monocylindrical engine has a totally pressurized lubrication system to keep it completely lubricated throughout the operation. The engine has head valves and a cartridge air filter that prevents dust and other particles from entering combustion chambers during operation. The engine transfers the power to the rear wheels of the ZTS7000 through a double hydrostatic transmission. This gives to the cortesped a maximum speed of (6 mph) going forward, while in reverse it has a maximum speed of (3 mph).

If you are looking for bigger Craftsman zer o-rotation grass cutter, then you are in luck, they have 2 much larger, the Craftsman 7800690 26 HP 52 inches zero rotation sport and the Craftsman Professional 52 ″ 24HP Zero Giro Specker. If you have ever possessed or used a Zero Craftsman ZTS7000 Tour Specked then, please leave your thoughts about it below to give others an idea of what is good and what is not so good about it.

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Exceptional spectacis when it is working. I am a bit eccentric when it comes to maintenance. Maybe too much, I think if you spend a lot of money on something you want it to last. I hope I did the right thing to invest in a new engine, $ 570. 00. and 6 hours of work to change it. I am not a mechanic, I only have mechanical inclinations. During the Viet Nam conflict I worked on catapults and detention gear at the USS America. 1969 to 1972.

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