Honda HS928TAS Snow Blower


The Honda Handa Hs928Tas snow blower is a bit different from the Honda Handa Hs928WA snowboard since it has caterpillars instead of wheels. These provide many advantages other than the regular snow blower of Honda HS928WA. The most obvious is that caterpillars provide a far grip to the snow blower when traveling on slippery and frost surfaces. The HS928Tas obtains its power of a GX270 engine designed and built by Honda that has a displacement of 0. 27 liters. Most people plug the electricity grid to start it, but there are those who use the mitigate and back cable system to start it. Both forms are quite easy, since the engine has automatic decompression.

Thanks to its fuel tank with a capacity for 6 liters of gasoline, the snow blower Honda HS928Tas is able to function up to 2. 5 hours in a row before having to refuel. The power is transferred from the engine to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. Hydrostatic transmission gives this double stage chip unlimited marches while moving forward and also has unlimited marches when moving back. Thanks to its rubber caterpillars, this machine works especially well on ice or snow very compacted.

Hopefully you have guessed by the name of the double stage snow blower Honda HS928Tas, which has a cleaning width of 0. 71 m (28 inches). The admission height of the housing is 0. 51 m (20 inches), but in reality you can deal with the deepest snow than this thanks to the drift cut blade option that can be connected to the side of theCase. The total weight of this 2 8-inch snow blower is 108. 9 kg (240 pounds) before fuel and oil have been added. This snow blower is able to throw snow up to 14. 9 m (49 feet) from its conduit. The download duct can rotate up to 210 degrees so you can always find a place to direct it.

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