Cub Cadet RZT50KW


The CUB Cadet RZT50KW Zero Turn Rider is a powerful machine thanks to its 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine that provides 24 hp of power to both wheels and the top of the host. The Kawasaki engine is started with a 1 2-volt battery that is recharged when the engine is running through a 15 amps alternator. Thanks to your Dual Hydro Gear Ezt transmission, you can control the amount of power each rear wheel independently. This is controlled by 2 adjustable bars, one for the right rear wheel and another for the left rear. The frame used to build the 50 kW rzt is fully welded steel, which makes it strong and capable of resisting breaks very easily.

The maximum speed of the Cub Cadet Rzt50kw Zero Turn Rider cadet is 9. 7 kph (6 mph) when it moves forward, while in reverse can reach up to 4. 8 kph (3 mph). If you are looking for a smaller model than the 50 KW rzt, then check out the Cub Cadet RZT42, while the CUB Cadet RZT50KW Speaker is comparable in size except that it uses a different size engine. The total weight of this machine is 239 kg (527 lbs).

As Cub Cadet is a brand of quality and trust when it comes to outdoor equipment, it is not surprising that the CUB Cadet RZT50KW comes with a 12 0-hour guarantee (or 3 years of guarantee, which happens first). The RZT 50 KW fuel tank can contain up to 11. 4 liters of gasoline, allowing a very long operation time before having to fill it. In case you have not guessed, the size of the cutting platform of this zer o-rotation radius host is 50 inches.

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