John Deere GX335


The John Deere GX335 spectacés is a mi d-range of the GX series manufactured at the JD production plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. This John Deere’s spectacle has 2 various cuttail platforms that can be joined to it, a cutting platform with a 4 8-inch cutting width or a cu t-off platform with a 5 4-inch mapping platform. Please keep in mind that each of these platforms of the corteped will be about 10 inches wider than its widths of the cut due to its channels and fins of the discharge. In addition to cutting the grass, the JD GX335 is also very skilled in many other tasks around the garden and abroad. You can attach snow blowers, chipped blades, clearing and front blades in the front of the cutter, but can also attach more than 20 different types of implements in the rear, from plow to darts and utilitarian cars. You can also add front and rear weight plates to balance the machine during operation.

The John Deere GX335 spectacés obtains its power of a Kawasaki FH601V gasoline engine. This V Bicilinder engine is ai r-cooled and provides the machine 20 hp to play. The engine power is transferred to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission, which means that there are no marches to change in the JD GX335. Instead, only John Deere’s Twin Touch pedals to control speed and direction (forward or backward).

Although it is a fairly heavy machine, with a weight of 309 kg, it is not the most agile either. It has a 0. 6 m turning radius (23. 6 inches) despite having a wheelbase of 1. 25 m (49 inches) and a total length of 1. 83 m (72 inches). If you look for other machines in the same series, see the John Deere GX325 or the John Deere GX345.

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