Cub Cadet i1050


The I1050 CUB Cadet is a zer o-rotation cutter tractor. The I 1050 cut platform has a 5 0-inch cut width. The cutting platform itself is made of strong 12 caliber steel. The blades on this platform of the cortesped are led strap. The platform is a Quickattach model that can be mounted/disassembled very quickly. The standard cutting mode using this platform is to allow the grass cuts to be thrown outside the right side of the platform. Although this can leave your grass with a messy appearance, you will be happy to know that you can also crush the grass cuts.

The I1050 Cadet Cadet platform is driven by a tw o-cylinder coupage engine that is designed and built by Kohler’s team. This engine uses a totally pressurized lubrication system to keep the engine greased and also has a rotating oil filter. The engine is air refrigerated and uses a standard air filter to clean the air inlet before the motor combustion chambers. The engine power reaches the i1050 wheels through a double Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission. This system allows the operator to control each rear wheel independently, which allows it to make radio zero turns.

The I1050 CUB Cadet is started using a 1 2-volt battery along with a contact key that provides the 235 cold starting amps. This 12V battery also feeds the headlights that come standard with the i1050. The maximum speed of this zer o-rotation tractor tractor is quite high, 10 km/h, while backing can reach 5 km/h. The fuel tank has capacity for 10. 6 liters of gasoline. Its total weight, with the coupled cut platform, is 268 kg.

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