John Deere 970


The John Deere 970 compact utility tractor had a long run on production lines from 1989 until 1998, when it was replaced by the John Deere 4500 tractor. The JD 970 is a popular machine among a range of different professions. It is used by small farmers, large garden owners and farm owners who need something smaller that is versatile and capable of doing a wide range of jobs. This tractor can work with a wide range of implements thanks to a category 1 rear hitch, as well as its compatibility with a series of front loaders. The rear hitch has a maximum lift capacity of 2, 000 lbs. It is powered by a hydraulic system that has a capacity of 20. 8 liters of hydraulic fluid and operates at a flow rate of 32. 9 liters per minute (8. 7 US gallons per minute).

The hydraulic system of the John Deere 970 compact utility tractor is powered by a Yanmar engine. This engine is a 4-cylinder with a total displacement of 1. 8 liters. The engine’s liquid cooling system, tasked with preventing engine overheating, can contain up to 17. 1 liters of coolant. The maximum power of the motor is 33 CV. The power of the JD 970 engine reaches the wheels through 2 different transmissions. The first is a collar shift transmission system that provides the tractor with 9 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. The other option is a Syncromesh gearbox which also provides the tractor with 9 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.

The tractor weighs 1, 211 kg and has a 1. 75 m (69 in) wheelbase. The front wheels that drive the tractor each measure 5. 5-16 (5. 5 inches wide, 16-inch rim diameter), while the rear wheels each measure 12. 4-28 (12. 4 inches deep). width, 28-inch rim diameter). Smaller models than the John Deere 970 in the same series include the John Deere 770 and the John Deere 870 tractors.

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