John Deere 3010


There are 5 different John Deere 3010. There is a version for crops in rows, a standard, a utilitarian, one for orchards and one of wheels. The first 4 are designed for use in agriculture, while the wheel is an industrial version of 3010. All are very similar, with some obvious differences. For example, the row crop model has a distance to the ground slightly higher than the other versions. The JD 3010 left the production lines of John Deere a long time ago, between 1961 and 1963.

If you buy the brand new 3010, then you would get an option of 3 engines:

  • A 3. 3-liter and 4 cylinder gasoline engine manufactured by John Deere
  • A 4-cylinder and 3. 3-liter gasoline engine made by John Deere.
  • A 4-cylinder and 4. 2-liter diesel engine made by John Deere.

The 3010 had a tank capable of containing 29 gallons (or 109. 8 liters) of fuel and requires 9. 5 gallons (26 liters) of hydraulic fluid in its closed hydraulic system.

A wheelbase of 228 cm (7 ′ 6 ″) supports a weight of 2630 kg (5, 800 lb). The John Deere 3010 has 8 marches forward and 3 back and has a maximum power of 59. 4 hp.

Many people who have had a 3010, have been able to keep it for longer than most of the tractors of other brands due to the wel l-known reliability of John Deere machines. In fact, today there are still many JD 3010 in operation that have been modified for accessories (front loader, backhoe, etc.) or maintained in their original state as classic tractors.

The Review Tractor team appreciates the 3010 model. Like others.(They sold more than 40, 000 in the 2 years in production, so I hope that gives him an idea of his popularity). When the production of 3010 was withdrawn, the newest (updated) model was introduced, the 3020, which was manufactured for 8 years, from 64 to 72.

Only one final grade: the original 3010 came without an antivuelco bar, so if you are looking for a classic and un modified, make sure you don’t have it.

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