Cub Cadet GT1554


The Cub Cadet GT1554 lawn tractor is part of the 1500 series of riding mowers. The engine that powers the 1554 GT is a Kohler Courage engine. It is a two-cylinder model with overhead valves and a maximum power of 27 HP. Each of the cylinders have cast iron liners for longevity. The engine uses a fully pressurized lubrication system to keep everything running smoothly. The mower is started by a 12-volt battery that supplies 235 cold cranking amps. This battery is recharged by a 15 amp alternator. The GT 1554’s engine transfers power to the wheels via a belt drive system that uses a high-strength Kevlar belt. The platform is connected electronically.

The cutting deck on the Cub Cadet GT1554 riding mower has 6 different working heights, from a low height of 1. 5 inches above the ground to a height of 4 inches above the ground. Height adjusts in 0. 5-inch increments. The deck that houses the 3 blades is made from 11 gauge steel. To treat grass clippings on the GT 1554, the operator has 3 different options. The cleanest and tidiest option is to use the optional 3-bag accessory to collect clippings. Unfortunately this is time consuming so many people tend to dump clippings over the side of the carcass or use the optional mulch.

The maximum speed of the Cub Cadet GT1554 is 8. 4 km/h forward and in reverse it can reach 3. 7 km/h. The rear wheels that drive the GT1554 each measure 23×10. 5 (23 inches in diameter, 10. 5 inches in width). The front wheels measure 16×7. 5 (16 inches in diameter, 7. 5 inches wide). You can also use this garden tractor mower during the winter thanks to the fact that you can attach a 42″ snow thrower as well as a 46″ dozer blade.

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