Toro LX466


The Toro LX466 Garden Cortor Tractor uses an Ink engine designed and manufactured by Briggs and Stratton to drive both the wheels and the blades of the cutting platform. This engine is 4 times with 2 cylinders. The engine comes with an oil filter. It has a total displacement of 0. 7 liters. This volume is large enough to produce 22 hp. When buying the new LX 466, it comes with a limited guarantee of 2 years. The power produced by the engine is transferred to the rear wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This transmission makes the LX466 bull automatic. The maximum speed reached by the cut is 10. 3 kph (6. 4 mph) going forward while in reverse has a maximum speed of 3. 7 (2. 3 mph) when it goes back.

There are a good number of tractors similar to the bull LX466. These include the LX468 bull and the Toro LX465 garden tractor hut. The standard cover that comes with LX 466 is 46 inches wide. However, there are a number of smaller and larger covers that you can buy optionally. The standard platform has 3 blades. Some people optionally buy the Mulching Recycler Kit for this cutter to force grass cuts to decompose faster. You can also optionally buy a rear burn to collect grass cuts.

The LX466 Toro Speaker comes with cruise control. This makes cutting large or long grass extensions much easier, since you do not have to constantly worry about maintaining a constant speed. The front axle of LX 466 is made of cast iron, which means that it will never be broken when it is subjected to a heavy or sudden load. During the winter, you can attach a double stage snow blower or even a front blade to clean its entrance.

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