Cub Cadet G1548


The Sel f-propelled Sel f-Prosped Cub Cadet G1548 is the largest and most powerful machine of the Sel f-Propular Sel f-Propular System Wide Gear. The other 2 models of this series are the Cub Cadet G1236 and the CUB Cadet G1332, both smaller and less powerful. The G 1548 Specker has a very large 4 8-inch cut width. This cover houses 3 blades. The cover is made of 10 caliber steel. The blades are operated by belt reinforced with kevlar. The blades of the top platform are manually engaged. You can adjust the height of the cutting platform of a 4-inch high to a 2-inch bass above the ground. Although the cutting platform has a 4 8-inch cut width, the total width of the cutter is actually greater, closer to 60 inches due to the large discharge duct attached to the right side of the host.

To take care of the grass cuts in the CUB Cadet G1548 walk behind the pruning, you have 3 options. Many people download the grass cut by the side of the platform. Unfortunately, this can make your grass look quite ugly. Fortunately, there is the option to use a crushing cap (it is acquired separately) to convert grass cuts into a nutritious mulch. If your grass is still not as clean as you would like, you can also acquire an optional rear bag accessory for G 1548 that will pick up the cuts and discard them outside the work area.

Both the wheels and the blades of the CUB Cadet G1548 are propelled by a tw o-cylinder Kawasaki engine. This engine has head valves and uses a pressure lubrication system to keep everything working without problems. The engine is launched by a setback mechanism.

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