John Deere 1023E


The John Deere 1023E Sub-Compact Tractor is a very useful tractor that is popular with a large number of people, whether they are farmers, owners of large gardens, or even professional landscapers and yard contractors. The JD 1023E is capable of a wide range of tasks, from mowing to digging trenches with a backhoe or moving material with a front loader. The tractor uses a naturally aspirated Yanmar 3TNM72 diesel engine. This engine is a three-cylinder model that uses a liquid cooling system with a capacity of 3. 7 liters of coolant to move heat away from the engine. The engine has a total displacement of 0. 9 liters and produces 23. 5 hp. The engine uses a dual-stage dry air filter to clean the air intake of impurities that can damage the engine and potentially impair performance. The engine is started with a keystart system that uses a 12-volt battery that supplies the engine with 500 cold cranking amps.

The engine is recharged by a 40 amp alternator when the engine is running. The John Deere 1023E uses a hydrostatic transmission (with high and low ranges) to drive the wheels. This gives the subcompact tractor a top speed of 14. 6 km/h forward. The total weight of the JD 1023E is not especially high. Its operating weight is 610 kg. The tractor’s front wheels measure 18×8. 5-10 (18-inch diameter, 8. 5-inch width, 10-inch rim diameter), while the rear wheels are obviously larger, each measuring 26×12.-12 (26-inch diameter, 12-inch width, 12-inch rim diameter). Threaded turf or industrial tires are available for this tractor.

For mowing, the John Deere 1023E can be equipped with either a 54- or 60-inch mower deck. The front end of the JD 1023E can work with a John Deere D120 front loader or a John Deere H120 front loader. The rear hitch is Category 1 Limited and has a maximum safe lift capacity of 650 kg (1, 433 lbs). The slightly larger model in this Series 1 is the John Deere 1026R subcompact tractor.

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