Cub Cadet ENFORCER 48


The Zero Cub Cadet Enforce 48 Giro Cadet 48 is a bit larger than the Cadet Enforce 44, but at the same time, it is a little smaller than the Cub Cadet Enforce 54. Many. Many consider it the little brother of the Enroll series. The 48 enforcement platform has a 4 8-inch cutting width, although with the trained plastic discharge duct, the total width of the platform is 58 inches. The cutting cutter platform is floating and uses ant i-decamation wheels on the front edge of the platform along with ant i-ruling rolle.

The cutting platform of the Cub Cadet Enforce 48 Cu Cadet has a 3-inch range for the cutting platform, from a minimum of 1 inch to a maximum of 4 inches above the ground. The platform gets up and lowers in tiny increases of 0. 25 inches so that you can almost always get the cutting height you want. Download and up the platform on the Enforcement 48 ″ top is done with the help of a sprin g-assisted pedal mechanism.

The Zero Cub Cadet 48 Giro Cadet 48 Giro Cadet Motor has a maximum power of 22 hp. This corteped is a Kohler Command model. The engine is bicylindrical and has a total displacement of 0. 674 liters. It remains cold by means of an air cooling system and is launched with a 12 volt battery. The engine provides power to the cutting platform through a belt transmission mechanism. Act the wheels of the Enforce 48 through a double Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 transmission. This allows the driver to control the corteped using the twin bars located in front of it.

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