Snapper XL1738E Snow Blower


The snapper snow blower XL1738E is a monster when it comes to cleaning large amounts of snow. This machine has a cleaning width of 0. 97 m (38 inches), which is much, much greater than that of the snow snow blower SS822E or even that of the snapper snow blower Snapper L1226E. Being so big, this machine needs a lot of power. Luckily it is equipped with a 4-stratton Briggs and Stratton engine that provides a couple of 16. 5 feet-book. This engine transfers the power to the wheels through a friction disk transmission that gives it 5 speeds when it moves forward, but only 2 for when it moves back.

Double stage quittings Snapper XL1738E has a huge cleaning width of 0. 97 m (38 inches), as mentioned above, while its admission height is not so large, 0. 5 m (19. 75 inches). However, if you have to deal with snow depths greater than 0. 5 m, you just have to add the optional drift blades to the machine. The barrena housed inside the double stage launches XL1738 is made of steel. It is strongly dentated to facilitate snow cut. Once the auger breaks the snow, he channels it towards the driver located in the center of the machine. This driver consists of 4 blades that quickly mince snow and push it through the duct at high speed.

The snopper snow blower XL1738E is made of steel so that it does not double with the large snow charges that cross it. This steel duct can rotate up to 200 degrees and is controlled by the operator from the back of the snow blower. There is also a deflector at the top of the duct to give the operator better control over the snow current that leaves the snow blower. The 2-stage snow blower Snapper XL1738E can throw snow up to 13. 7 m (45 feet).

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