Cub Cadet CC760


There are 2 Sel f-propelled Specific Cadet CC760 slightly different. They differ by their engines and starting mechanisms. The normal CC760 CUC760 has a Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine with a 0. 344 liter displacement. The CC760 cubt has a much larger engine. It is a Cub Cadet gasoline engine with a 0. 4 2-liter displacement. The CC 760, less powerful, is launched by a setback mechanism (that is, it starts pulling a rope). CC 760 is started using an electrical start system. Apart from these 2 differences, both machines are identical.

Each CC760 CUBC760 has a steel cyclocut cutting platform with a 3 3-inch cutting width. This is a lot, much larger than any of the other offers of Cub Cadet such as the CC Cadet CC98 and the CC Cadet CC999 Cortacéspedes. The cutting platform can be adjusted through 8 different heights of 1. 25 inches above the ground at 3. 5 inches above the ground. The wheels that support the machine and make it advance are pneumatic (rear wheels) and sem i-spot (front wheels).

The front wheels have a diameter of 8 inches each, while the rear wheels are twice large; Each has a diameter of 16 inches. Unfortunately in both CuC760 Cub Cadet Cadet Cadets there is no Bagger option to collect the grass cuts. Instead you have to download them on the side or crush them. The cutter has 4 speeds that are controlled by a device in the handlebar. If you buy a new one, then come with a 3-year guarantee or 120 hours of guarantee operation (whatever happens first). This cutter is large enough to cut up to 2 acres of grass. However, if you have to cut more grass, we recommend that you opt for a cortesped tractor.

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