Massey Ferguson 1507 Snow Blower


The Massey Ferguson 1507 snow blower is part of the reduced MF snow blowers offer, which includes the Massey Ferguson 1410 snow blower and the snow blower Massey Ferguson 2360. This snow blower is the largest offered by the teamof mf. It has a huge cleaning width of 1. 83 m (72 inches). As a result, you will often see that this model is used almost exclusively by large contractors to clean roads and parking lots. The cleaning height of the MF 1507 is 0. 66 m (26 inches), which allows you to deal with virtually any snow depth, even if it is very compacted.

The Massey Ferguson 1507 quotes obtains its power from a central TDF. It is a double stage snow blower and therefore has a sweep that first breaks the snow in front of it into smaller pieces and also directs the snow towards the center of the “bucket”. Next, the driver aspires to the duct, spitting it at high speed. Both the endless and the impeller are made of hig h-resistance steel so that the waste that falls in the snow blower does not harm them.

The conduit revolves hydraulically, which means that the driver does not have to leave the cabin when he uses the snow blower Massey Ferguson 1507. He can also acquire an optional electrical control system of the deflector that controls the direction of the snow expected still expelledmore precise. The MF 1507 also uses sliding shoes to help reduce damage to the “launcher”. The cutting edge is also replaceable, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of 1507.

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