Craftsman PGT9500


The Craftsman PGT9500 garden tractor host is often known as the Craftsman 28984. This corteped is propelled by a Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine. This engine is from the PRO series and has head valves, as well as a full pressure lubrication system. The engine uses a cartridge type air filter to prevent dust and other particles from entering combustion chambers and can obstruct them. This 2-cylinder engine has a total displacement of 0. 81 liters. The engine transfers the power to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that provides the PGT 9500 infinite speeds both in advance and in reverse. This corteped often refers as the Craft Craftsman 28984 tractor.

The engine in the Craftsman PGT9500 also operates the cutting platform. The PGT 9500 PGT platform has a 5 4-inch cut widht. This cover contains 3 small blades and is made of a steel option of 11 or 12 calibrator. The cutting platform can be raised and lowered from a height of 4 inches on the ground to a height of 1. 5 inches on the ground. The cutcase platform rises and is lowered by means of a sprin g-assisted manual lever. The cuttin g-edge platform is floating and uses adjustment/antisbroce adjustment wheels fixed to the edge to make sure the soil contours and provides a very soft and uniform cut.

For the treatment of grass cuts, you have the option of buying a mulching or rear tidenter kit if you do not simply download the cuts on the side of the cutting platform. The minimal turning torneus radius of Craftsman PGT9500 is just 18 inches when disc brakes are also used. Models similar to Craftsman PGT 9500 #28984 include the Professional Craftsman 28HP 54 ″ Garden Tractor Cortacésped and the Craftsman 54 inches 26 HP Césped Tractor Tractor Species.

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