Bad Boy 7200 Outlaw Extreme


The Bad Boy 7200 Outlaw Extreme is the largest machine in the Badboy outlaw series. The smallest models of the series are the Bad Boy 5400 Outlaw, the Bad Boy 6100 Outlaw and the Bad Boy 5400 Outlaw Extreme, as well as the Bad Boy 6100 Outlaw Extreme. The 7200 Outlaw Extreme of Badboy platform has a 7 2-inch cutting width. This cover is built of 1/4 “steel thick0. 25 inches thick that has first been thermally treated so that they remain more sharp for a longer time. The blades of the platform are activated by Correa.

The platform can be raised to 5. 5 inches above the ground up to 1 inch above the ground. This wide range means that you can almost always find an adequate cut height for your grass. The platform rises and lowers with the help of a foo t-assisted elevation mechanism. The rear wheels drive and direct the zer o-turning bad bad 7200 Outlaw Extreme. Each of them measures 24 × 12-10 (24 inches in diameter, 12 inches of width, 10 inches in tire diameter) and have grass threads for a large grip action. The front tires measure 13 × 6. 5-6 (13 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width, 6 inches in tire diameter) and are smooth to allow maximum maneuverability with the minimum resistance.

The Zero Bad Boy 7200 Outlaw Extreme Tour Specker works with 2 different engines. The most powerful is a tw o-cylinder vanguard engine that produces 36 hp. This engine has a total volume of 0. 993 liters, while the smallest engine that is a kawasaki bicylinder produces only 31 hp and has a total displacement of 0. 85 liters.

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