John Deere LT180


The John Deere LT180 spectacés is one of the largest LT series manufactured by JD in its Horicon plant, Wisconsin. The engine of this cortesped is a 2-cylinder kawasaki with cast iron shirts. This engine provides 17 hp that boost both the wheels and the cutting platform. Thanks to its automatic transmission Twin Touch, the JD LT180 does not need gearbox. In its place there are only 2 pedals. One to move forward and another to go back. The more the pedal tightens, the faster go, to a maximum speed of 9. 3 km/h when moving forward and 5. 6 km/h when backing down.

The John Deere LT180 spectacés is compatible with several platforms. They include those of 38, 42 and 48 inches. This cutting platform has 13 different positions, which means that it will always get the cutting height you want. In addition to being compatible with many cutting platforms, the JD LT180 can also accommodate a range of accessories, from a 4 4-inch John Deere front blade to a 4 2-inch snow blower and 2 stages. These accessories make your JD LT180 more than a simple cutter. It is a really versatile machine for the garden.

The John Deere LT180 is very practical for those who have small, narrow and uncomfortable grass areas that need to be cut thanks to their small rotation radius of only 0. 36 m (14 inches). The JD LT 180 also has a pedal to raise and lower the cutting platform and other implements, which makes the management of this machine incredibly simple. If you are looking for a slightly larger machine, you may be interested in the John Deere LT190. However, if what you are looking for is something smaller, take a look at the John Deere LT170.

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