Ariens Pro Track 28 Snow Blower


The Ariens Pro Track 28 Snow Blower is a bit different from the Ariens Deluxe Track 28 Snow Blower. The ‘Pro’ model that this article is about is much more likely to be used by a professional contracting company that specializes in snow removal. snow. It is powered by a 0. 34 liter Briggs and Stratton designed and built Polar Force engine. This engine provides massive amounts of power to the auger and impeller on the snow thrower to clear any area of snow.

The Ariens Pro Track 28 Snow Blower uses 0. 14 m (5. 5 in) wide rubber tracks that allow the machine to easily grip even the most slippery surfaces. The auger is made of high-strength steel and is serrated, which means that even if pieces of debris and tree branches get into the “scoop”, they will simply break off and be ejected along with the snow. The cutting width of the Ariens Pro Track 28 snowthrower is obviously 0. 71 (28 inches), while it has a cutting height of 0. 6 m (23. 5 inches). This size allows it to handle virtually all types of snow (packed, wet, and ice).

The Ariens Pro Track 28 Snow Blower uses a dual-grip interlock system that allows for one-handed operation. This is particularly useful as it leaves one hand free to adjust the duct on the fly without having to stop the machine. The Quick Turn conduit is made of quality steel, making it difficult to damage or bend. At the top of the chute is a deflector that allows the operator to easily and precisely adjust where the snow is being thrown (there’s nothing worse than sending snow onto a sidewalk or on top of a car). There is also a halogen headlight on top of the snow blower to allow you to operate it even when it is dark outside.

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