Weed Eater WE ONE


The Weed Eater We One obtains its power from a Briggs and Stratton engine that starts electronically. This engine has head valves and a displacement of 0. 19 liters. This engine takes the power to the wheels of the Weone Speaker passing first through a gearbox that gives it 3 progress speeds and a reverse speed. The engine also transmits power to the cutting platform.

The Weed Eater We One platform is very small, with a cutting width of only 26 inches (which means that it is only 5 inches wider than a normal thrust cite). As it has such a small width, the Weed Eater We1 is mainly used in small gardens ranging from 0. 5 acres to 2 acres of size. If you have larger areas to reap, then you will be better with a cut that has a broader cut width. The fuel tank capacity of the Weed Eater We 1 is only 1. 9 liters, which means that it is really designed for residential use in small gardens. If you have to cut large grass extensions, you will have to constantly fill it.

The Weed Eater We One comes with a limited 2-year warranty when you are buying it for personal, residential use. Unlike most corteped tractors, the Weed Eater We1 has small wheels. The rear wheels each have a diameter of only 13 inches, while the front wheels are smaller again, with a diameter of 10 inches. The Platform of the Corteped is made of 13 caliber steel and is actually 36 inches wide due to the plastic discharge channel attached to the side. This model also comes with a high backup seat to offer good support for the operator’s back. Click here to buy the Weed Eater We1.

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