Husqvarna YTH20F42T


The Yusqvarna YTH20F42T engine is a coupage model designed and manufactured by Kohler. It is a monocylindrical engine with valves in butt. Provide YTH 20F42T 20 CV to drive the wheels as well as the cutting platform. The engine remains totally greased by a pressure lubrication system that incorporates an oil filter. Other models of Husqvarna similar to this are the Husqvarna Yth2042 and the Husqvarna 2042Ls, both with the same platform size and the same output power of their engines.

The engine transfers the power to the blades of the cutting platform through an electric clutch that activates the belt transmission system. The platform can cut the grass at 6 different heights. The highest is 7. 5 cm above the grass surface, while the lowest is only 7. 5 cm above the grass. The platform spits the grass cuts on the right side using the plastic discharge fin to divert them and prevent them from flying everywhere. Optionally, you can use a crusher cap that will turn the grass cuts into a crushed pulp that rots quickly. However, you may not want any grass cuts on your grass. In that case, acquire the optional accessory to collect them.

You can also acquire other accessories for YTH 20F42T. These include obvious as a moss rake (Dethatcher), a car of utility, a front blade and a snow blower. The fuel tank in this model can sustain up to (4 gallons of the U. S.) gasoline. Husqvarna YTH20F42T has a medium minimum rotation radius of 18 inches. Please leave your opinion about this model below. Try to fill out all possible information so that potential buyers get a good idea of what they can expect from it.

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