Troy Bilt Pony


The Troy Bilt Pony Cortor Tractor is one of the smallest models of Troy Bilt Cortor Tractor, similar to the Troy Bilt Bronco Speaker and Troy Bilt Tuffy. The engine that drives the pony is designed and built by Briggs and Stratton. This engine produces 17. 5 hp and is maintained lubricated by a splash lubrication system. The fuel tank feeds the engine can contain up to 5. 3 liters of gasoline. The engine is launched using a 1 2-volt battery that supplies the 190 cold starting amps. The engine also feeds the headlights that come standard with the pony, which means that it can work even when it is dark.

The Troy Bilt Pony platform has a 4 2-inch cutting width. This platform houses 2 blades and downloads the grass cuts along the side of the platform. Due to the plastic fin of the discharge on the side of the cutting platform, it really measures about 10 inches wider than its cutting width. While most of the cut s-time platforms have a variety of different cutting heights, the pony has only 5, which can be too little for some people.

The Troy Bilt Pony uses a 7-speed manual transmission, which means that in order to change speed in this cut, it is necessary to change the march. The maximum pony speed is 8. 4 kph (5. 2 mph). A big thing about the Troy Bilt Troy Pony tractor is that it has a minimum rotation radius of only 18 inches, which means that it is quite easy to maneuver in small gardens. The rear wheels are the largest, measuring 20 inches in diameter, while the front wheels are slightly smaller with a diameter of 15 inches. When buying the new pony, it comes with a limited 2-year guarantee for owners who buy it for residential use.

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