Troy Bilt Colt


The Troy Bilt Colt is a zero turn riding mower offered by Troy Bilt. While Troy Bilt is well known for making garden tractor lawn mowers, few people realize that they also manufacture zero return mowers like the Troy Bilt Colt and Mustang as well. The Pony Zero Turn Mower is powered by a 20 horsepower value engine that is made by Kohler. This Kohler engine transfers power to the Colt’s wheels through a dual hydrostatic transmission. This allows the operator to control each rear wheel independently of the other using the lap bars in front of him. The Colt does not have a steering wheel. By pushing each bar in different directions (one is pushed forward while the other is pushed back), he is able to execute zero radius turns.

Engine power is transferred to the cutting deck blades via an electric PTO. The mower deck has a 42-inch cutting width and consists of 2 blades that discharge clippings off the side of the deck. The rear wheels on the Troy Bilt Colt are simply caster wheels, their only function being to keep the bed from hitting the ground. They are much smaller and offer no grip, as the rear wheels are responsible for both propulsion and steering of the Colt.

Although the Troy Bilt Colt is a zero turn mower, it can still accommodate quite a few different attachments. The most useful of these is a rear bagger that collects grass clippings to leave your lawn looking super clean. There’s also a mulching kit that quickly turns grass clippings into a fast-breaking mulch. The best thing about the Colt is that it’s built on a fully welded steel frame, which means it’s highly unlikely to break or sustain serious damage.

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