John Deere 8300


Tractor John Deere 8300 is mainly used by farm farmers, since it is a powerful and reliable machine. This tractor has a total of 16 speeds forward and 4 for when it is being invested. This is achieved through an JD full power change transmission. The tractor comes with a selection of chassis, either a 4×2 2WD or a 4×4 mfwd 4wd chassis. The tractor operating weight is 8809 kg and can be signed up to a weight of 11897 kg.

The engine that propels the tractor John Deere 8300 is designed and manufactured by JD. It is a 6-cylinder diesel engine. The engine uses a large liquid cooling system that can contain up to 27. 3 liters of refrigerant to avoid motor overheating. The oil tank capacity is 21. 5 liters. The engine has a total displacement of 7. 6 liters and is turbocharged, allowing it to develop up to 200 hp. The JD 8300 engine is started with double 12 volt batteries that produce 1, 850 cold starting amps. Connected to the engine there is a 140 amps alternator that recharges the batteries when the engine is running.

The John Deere 8300 hydraulic system has a total capacity of 113. 6 liters (30 US gallons). This closed center system has a flow of 113. 6 liters per minute (30 US gallons per minute). The JD 8300 hydraulic system activates the rear hitch (category 3/3n) to provide a maximum elevation capacity of 5307 kg (11, 700 lbs), but with the addition of an elevation assistance cylinder can be increased to 7098 kg (15, 650LBS). Among the smaller models that the JD 8300 include the John Deere 8100 or the John Deere 8200, while if you are looking for something bigger in the same series, you should take a look at the tractor John Deere 8400.

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