Toro TimeCutter SS5060


The Zero Toro Timecutter SS5060 Toro Radio Radio Speech is the largest and most powerful machine of the Timecutter series of Toro. If you are looking for less powerful or smaller machines, then you should take a look at the Timecutter SS4360 bull or Timecutter SS5000 bull. The SS 5060 is operated by a tw o-cylinder ai r-cooled kawasaki engine that produces 24 hp to drive the wheels and the cutting of the corteped. The fuel tank of this model has a maximum capacity of 11. 4 liters of gasoline.

The Time Cutter SS5060 Time Cutter Motor transfers its power to the wheels through a dual hydrostatic transmission. This makes it automatic. And what is more important, allows the operator to control the speed of each rear wheel independently. This is what allows Timecutter SS 5060 to turn in a ten cents. The rear wheels control both the speed and the direction of the corteped. The front wheels have much less responsibility. His sole responsibility is to support the weight of the cutting of the corteped and prevent him from breaking the ground on which he moves. The front wheels are small, measuring 13 × 5 (13 inches in diameter, 5 inches wide) while the rear wheels are much larger measuring 18 × 9. 5 (18 inches in diameter, 9. 5 inches wide).

The Zero Toro Timecutter SS5060 Giro Speech is compatible with some different accessories. While you can obviously accommodate a rear bagger, you can also take a “Recycler” kit, which is just a luxury name for a mulching kit. There is also a hitch kit that allows a small car to be attached to the rear. The SS 5060 cut platform has a 5 0-inch cut width and a maximum speed of 11. 3 km/h, which allows you to cut large grass extensions very quickly.

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