John Deere LT170


The John Deere LT170 mower is one of the larger LT series models that JD produced in the late 1990s and early 1990s. It gets its power from a Briggs Vanguard 2-cylinder V engine with a power of 16 HP. The transmission of the JD LT170 is similar to that of other models, since it is a hydrostatic transmission, so the mower is automatic. To control the speed while driving the LT170, simply use the Twin Touch pedals that make handling incredibly easy.

The John Deere LT170 uses a 42-inch deck known as the Freedom42. It is the exact same deck used on the John Deere LT160 Freedom mower. This deck mulches clippings incredibly efficiently helping to return nutrients to the soil. In addition to the mower deck, you can also attach many other attachments to the JD LT170, from snow throwers to snow blades, as well as many other useful attachments. Many people who buy new mowers complain that the front axle is quickly damaged or degraded. Fortunately, this is highly unlikely on the LT 170 mower thanks to the fact that the front axle is made of cast iron for extra long life.

You’ll be pleased to know that the John Deere LT170 comes with headlights as standard, so you can use it in the dark if necessary. These headlights are especially useful in the winter months when snow is being cleared from your driveway with a John Deere snow blower early in the morning before the sun shines. If you’re looking for larger models in the LT series, you might be interested in the John Deere LT180 or John Deere LT190 mowers.

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