John Deere 900HC


The John Deere 900HC compact tractor appeared for the first time in 1986 and had a fiv e-year production until it stopped manufactured in 1990. The tractor uses a diesel engine made by JD itself. This engine has a total displacement of 1. 3 liters. The engine has a power of 25 hp. The JD 900HC tractor is a 4×2 2WD machine that transfers the power to the wheels through a gearbox that provides the operator 8 speeds forward and 2 for when it goes back.

The motor of the John Deere 900HC tractor also operates the hydraulic system. This hydraulic system activates the thre e-point rear hook that is category 1. The rear TDF rotates at 540 rpm. The JD 900HC tractor has a total weight of 1301 kg. This is not particularly heavy for a tractor, so the wheels that support it do not need to be too large. The front wheels that run the tractor measure each 5-15 (5 inches of width, 15 inches in tire diameter). The rear wheels, through which the motor drives the tractor, measure 11. 2-28 (11. 2 inches wide, 28 inches in tire diameter). The tractor comes with a standard antivuelco bar (Rops) to help protect the driver in case the tractor turns.

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