Toro TimeCutter SS4235


The Toro Timecutter SS4235 Speaker obtains its power of a Kawasaki engine that has a power of 20 hp. It is a 4-stroke engine and 2 cylinders that uses an air cooling system to avoid overheating. The best thing about Timecutter SS 4235 is that it has a zer o-turn radius (in other words, it can turn in a ten cents). This is thanks to the dual hydrostatic transmission that each rear wheel operates regardless of the other. The amount of power aimed at each wheel is controlled by the operator from its seat using the lap bars located in front of it.

The Toro Timecutter SS4235 Turn Turn has large rear wheels, but relatively small front wheels. The two rear tires measure 18 × 7. 5 (18 inches in diameter, 7. 5 inches wide) while the front tires are 10 × 4 (10 inches in diameter, 4 inches wide). Front tires are also smooth and have little function except balance the cutting platform. The progress and rotation power is controlled only by the rear wheels. The maximum speed of SS 4235 is 11. 3 km/h, but it can be reduced to 6. 4 km/h using Toro SMART Smart Smart Smart technology.

The cutting platform of the Toro Timecutter SS4235 cortempted has a 4 2-inch cutting width and consists of 2 blades. Everything related to the cutting platform is the same as in the Timecutter SS4200 bull, except that the Timecutter SS4235 provides more power to the platform. You can buy a quick hitch kit that will allow you to pull some of the lighter tools and implements in Toro. If this machine is working in a very hot climate, then you should strongly consider installing a Sunshade to help prevent excessive exposure. A smaller model of this machine is the Timecutter SS3600 bull that has a smaller engine and cut platform. Check it if this machine is a bit too big for your needs.

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