Snapper RER12


Tractor & Lawn Mower Review

The Snapper Rer12. 5/28 Snapper Snapper is the second smallest driver of the Rider series with Snapper rear engine. It is slightly more powerful than the Snapper RER11. 5/28. However, if you are looking for a host that has more power than RER 12. 5 28, then the Snapper RER13. 5/30 or the Snapper RER17. 5/33 can be of interest. The RER12. 528 is propelled by a Briggs and Stratton Ink engine that only produces 12. 5 hp. This 1 cylinder engine has different starting mechanisms. You can use the easy electrical start system or if you want to use some muscle, there is also a traction cable setback system.

This engine activates the 2 8-inch cutting platform of the snapper rer12. 5/28. This cutting platform is the same size as the Snapper RER11. 5/28 cutting platform. The unique blade within the cutting platform can be raised from a minimum of 1. 5 inches above the ground to a maximum of 4 inches above the ground in 5 different positions. The elevation and descent of the cutting platform is done mechanically. The operator has several options to treat grass cuts. Some operators like to simply download the grass from the side of the platform. However, if a lot of grass is discharged, it can have a very unsightly appearance, since it becomes brown and decomposes. If you do not want this, then you can use the Ninja Mulching system that weighs the cuts very quickly in a nutritious mulch that decomposes quickly. The last option of the RER125/28 is simply collecting the cuts in a tidker.

When you see the Snapper Rer12. 5/28 cutting, you will immediately notice that it seems almost naked. This is because the rear motor series is the introductory group of Snapper cutter whose only function is simply cutting the grass. They offer no accessory.

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