John Deere 820


Before there is confusion, we would like to point out that there are 2 different tractors known as John Deere 820. The first is part of the series that also includes the John Deere 620 and John Deere 720 tractors who had a production period that lasted 3 years since1956 to 1958. The second is the JD 820 that was subsequently manufactured, from 1968 to 1973 (you can find information about this John Deere 820 “posterior” by clicking here). The article that is reading at this time is about the 820 that was built from 56 to 58. The engine that propels this model is a model designed and built by John Deere that has a displacement of 7. 7 liters (a rather tractorgreat for the time). The engine is a tw o-cylinder model and has a liquid cooling system that needs 7. 6 liters of water to fill it completely from a vacuum.

The rear wheels drive the John Deere 820 forward, while the fronts are responsible for directing it. The rear wheels measure each 15-34 (15 inches of width, 34 inches in tire diameter) while the fronts measure each 7. 5-18 (7. 5 inches of width, 18 inches in tire diameter). The engine activates the rear wheels through a no n-synchronized transmission that gives it 6 speeds in advance and 1 in reverse.

The fuel tank of JD 820 can contain up to 123 liters of fuel. You can work with a wide range of implements that can be coupled to your rear hook of category 1. The total weight of the John Deere 820 tractor is 3, 560 kg. En d-t o-end, measures 3. 62 m in length. Although it is a very old tractor, it is still a classic and it is common to see it in farm use or preserved in perfect condition as a collector’s object. Be sure to leave your opinion on this tractor below in a comment.

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