John Deere 2030


There are few agricultural machinery companies that manage to offer excellent results for many decades. John Deere is undoubtedly one of the few who have stood out in this regard. From agricultural tractors to the tractors for the care of the grass, John Deere has printed his name in the history books.

The John Deere 2030 is another excellent tractor of John Deere. This model belongs to the agricultural tractor segment. The production began in 1971 and continued until 1975. The production was carried out in both in the United States and Germany (for the European market).

The John Deere 2030 was considered a reasonable price tractor in its segment, with a price of $ 9, 000 when it left the assembly chain. However, that price can be a bit different when buying secon d-hand JD 2030. One of the most prominent aspects of John Deere 2030 is that it has a 68 hp motor capacity, which makes it a large machine for most agricultural tasks (even in these times).

The fuel capacity of this model is also one of its many points of sale. It has a capacity of 19. 5 gallons, which is equivalent to approximately 73. 8 liters. Another feature made by the John Deere 2030 so successful is its massive axes of 86 inches. With this type of wheelbase this machine can be executed in almost any type of land without many problems. The weight of this model is a 4. 800 pounds Whoooping, making one of the heaviest tractors around.

The engine of this model is manufactured by John Deere. The engine works with diesel in this case unlike most other tractors that work with gasoline. The JD 2030 has 8 marches forward. If this were not enough, it has another 4 marches that work in reverse. The 4 marches allow you to move back on any type of surface, whether irregular, rocky or even muddy.

The length of this model is 139 inches, while the width is 69. 5 inches to be precise. However, it is the height of this model that really stands out at 82. 25 inches high. The JD 2030 is undoubtedly one of the best tractors to fall into the agriculture segment.

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