Toro Power Clear 210 Snow Blower


Due to its size, the Toro Power Clear 210 Snow Blower is highly regarded. It’s not as small as other Toro models like the Toro 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower or the Toro Power Clear 180 Snow Blower, but it’s also not as big as other models like the Toro Power Clear 221 Snow Blower. It’s something likeGoldilock and the 3 bears. It’s in the middle and it’s just what you need. The Toro 210 is powered by a robust R*Tek 2-stroke engine built in-house by the Toro team. It has a size of 0. 14 liters. The engine takes gasoline that needs to be pre-mixed with oil.

This powerful motor enables the Toro Power Clear 210 snow thrower to attack snow up to 21 inches (0. 53 m) wide and throw it up to 30 feet (9. 14 m) from where it stands. This is usually an adequate distance on most driveways so you don’t have to “re-throw” the snow, thus saving time. The Toro 210 Power Clear is started by a pull cord or by a 120 volt AC electric starting system for the electric model. Most people prefer the electric start system, as the use of a recoil start system is not desirable when it is very cold outside.

The Toro Power Clear 210 snow blower uses a Toro Snow Curve rubber rotor for its auger. Using rubber for the auger may sound cheap and flimsy, but it’s actually heavy-duty rubber that won’t fail when you need it most, so don’t let it discourage you. Toro’s 210 Snow Thrower has 2 different weights depending on whether you buy the electric model or the 210 with the R*Tek motor. The electric model weighs slightly less, 33 kg, while the gasoline model weighs 34 kg. The machine is self-propelled and has a fuel capacity of 1 liter. It uses a plastic baffle that easily rotates up to 180 degrees. Click here to purchase the Toro Power Clear 210 Snow Blower.

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