Toro LX423


The Toro LX423 riding mower is the entry model in Toro’s LX series of riding lawn tractors. The engine in the LX 423 is a Courage model, made by Kohler. This 2-cylinder engine produces 20 HP, powering both the mower deck and the wheels. This engine has a fully pressurized lubrication system that gives the mower a top speed of 8. 9 km/h (5. 5 mph). In reverse, the Toro LX423’s top speed is 3. 7 km/h (2. 3 mph). Power is transferred to the wheels via a CVT transmission which makes it automatic. This makes it incredibly easy to use as there is no gear to change.

The Toro LX423 riding mower has a 42-inch deck. This deck consists of 2 small blades instead of just one big one. The main purpose behind this is so that the grass you are mowing receives a very smooth and even cut. The mower deck can be raised up to 4 inches above the cutting surface and lowered to 1. 5 inches above the cutting surface. The front axle is very strong and very unlikely to break or fracture even under sudden heavy load thanks to the fact that it is constructed of cast iron.

The Toro LX423 comes with an optional bumper to protect the machine in the unlikely event that it crashes into a tree or other obstacle. Many people choose the LX423 mower over other brands because it has a very small turning radius of only 0. 38 m (15 inches). Don’t forget there is a wide range of compatible attachments that can be attached to this machine. These include a 42-inch dual-stage snow blower, as well as a 46-inch front blade. As well as this there is a range of utility carts, sweepers, spreaders and more accessories that can be used with this mower. If you’re looking for a larger model, then check out the Toro LX427 or Toro LX468 mowers. Click here to purchase the Toro LX423.

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