Husqvarna iZ5223


The Husqvarna Iz5223 zero-rotation cut is a fairly powerful machine, similar in cutting size to Husqvarna MZ5225T and Husqvarna P-ZT5224, but not so powerful. The engine that drives the IZ 5223 is a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard model. It is a 2-cylinder engine that feeds the wheels and blades with 23 hp. The engine power is transferred to the cutting platform through a belt transmission system that connects through electric force. The cutting platform has a 5 2-inch cutting width. Its total width is 66 inches when the plastic protective lid is lowered.

There are 3 blades hosted inside the Husqvarna Iz5223 Speaker platform. There are also 6 ant i-barroa wheels on the front and rear edges of the platform. These help prevent the platform from scratching or cutting the grass while moving on it. The IZ 5223 cut platform can cut the grass from a height of 2. 5 cm from the ground and up to 5 cm from the ground. To treat grass cuts, you have 3 options. The first is to use an optional mulching cap. The second is to download them on the side of the platform and leave them on the grass. The last option is to pick them up in a back bag that will leave your grass incredibly clean and tidy.

The Iz5223 Husqvarna is quite fast with a maximum speed of 15. 3 km/h. The IZ5223 operator sits in a seat with total suspension during operation. This seat has a high support and offers enough support so you can continue using it for many hours without resting. The total weight of the zero rotation host is 399. 2 kg.

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