Swisher ZT2052


The Swisher ZT2052 Ride King uses a Briggs and Stratton engine to propel it. This gasoline engine has a 20 hp output power that drives both the wheels and the cutting of the host. The ZT 2052 then brings the power of the engine to the wheels through a dual hydrostatic transmission of the commercial degree that is built by Eaton. This allows the zer o-rotation to reach a maximum speed of 9. 7 km/h both forward and back. Unlike normal tractor hosts, the ZT 2052 Ride King uses a return set set to control the speed at which it moves and also its direction. Emarking every bar back in alternative addresses you can run turns from Radio Zero with ease.

By the name of the Zero Swisher ZT2052 Ride King Giro Swisher can guess a 5 2-inch cut width. The cutting platform houses 3 gator crushing blades that quickly convert the grass cuts into mulch. The cutting platform rises and descends in the corteped through a sprin g-assisted manual lever that allows it to raise the cutting platform at a maximum height of 5 inches when it is cutting particularly long grass. It also allows you to lower it to a minimum height of only 2. 5 cm above the ground when you want to cut the short and clean grass. The Platform of the Corteped is made of 11 caliber steel.

It is very easy to fill the Swisher ZT2052 with gasoline thanks to its two fuel deposits of 7. 6 liters each. When buying the ZT 2052 Ride King Nueva, you will be happy to know that it comes with a limited 2-year warranty for the engine and a limited 3-year warranty for transmission by buying it for personal and residential purposes. If you are buying it for commercial purposes, it comes with a limited guarantee of 1 year. Click here to buy the Swisher ZT2052.

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