John Deere 5075M


The John Deere 5075m utractor tractor, like many other utractor tractors of the 5000 series, is propelled by a PowerTech 5030 Turboalmented Diesel engine of 5 J D-manufacturing cylinders. The engine produces 75 hp and is refrigerated by liquid by means of a system with capacity for 9. 8 liters of water. The air that enters the motor combustion chamber is first cleaned by a dr y-type air filter. The pressurized lubrication system has capacity for 9. 8 liters of oil. If you are looking for similar but smaller utractor tractors, then you may be interested in glance to the John Deere 5065E or John Deere 5065m tractors. However, if what you are looking for is something with a similar power, then the John Deere 5075e might interest him.

When buying the John Deere 5075m new, it comes with one of the 4 different transmission systems. These are Powreverser, Powreverser Plus, Sync Reverser and Syncshuttle Plus. Each of them provides the tractor for a variable number of progress and setback speeds. In addition to being able to choose between 4 different transmissions, the JD 5075M comes with 3 different traction settings (2WD, MFWD and 4WD). There is also the option to acquire this machine with a fixed command post or with a luxury command post. As a result of all these combinations, the total weight of the machine also varies.

The John Deere 5075M has a 5m hitch that has a maximum lifting capacity of 2041 kg (4498 lbs). If you have a 5075m JD, be sure to write a detailed comment below so that people know what you like and what you do not like about it. Be sure to include details such as what type of accessories/implements use with it (frontal loaders, backhoes, etc.). If you have made any modification, please include it too.

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