Kubota B3300SU


The Special Utractor Kubota B3300SU is one of the largest Kubota B series tractors. It weighs more than most other B series machines, 875 kg (1929 lbs). The special utility tractor B 3300 its obtains its power from a Kubota V1505-E3-D24H engine. It is a 4-cylinder diesel engine. The engine does not heat up too much thanks to a liquid cooling system. The engine power is 33 hp and has a cylinder of 1, 498 liters. The engine has a double element air filter and uses a pressurized lubrication system to grease mobile parts.

The engine activates the Open Center Hydraulic System of the Kubota B3300SU. This hydraulic system has a total pumping power of 37. 5 liters per minute (9. 9 US gallons per minute). The hydraulic system activates the hitch of 3 points of category 1, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 810 kg. The B3300 tractor also has assisted direction. The engine power reaches the wheels through an HST hydrostatic transmission that makes the tractor automatic with 3 range of speeds. This means that only a minimum gear change is required during operation. HST transmission gives the tractor a maximum speed of 20. 6 km/h.

The Special Utractor Kubota B3300SU tractor can be attached to a front loader. This is the Kubota La504 that has an elevation capacity of 483 kg (1065 lbs). The spoon of this front loader has a width of 54 inches. In the back, a Kubota BH76 backhoe can be attached. It has a maximum excavation depth of 2. 34 m (92. 2 inches). Other accessories compatible with this machine are rotating growers, ballast boxes, the blades mounted on the front of 60 or 72 inches and a 2-stage snow blower mounted on the rear of 51 or 64 inches. The smallest B models include the Kubota B3000 and Kubota B3200 utility tractors.

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