Bad Boy 5200 Pup


There are 2 different models in Badboy’s Pup series of zero turn mowers. The smallest is the Bad Boy 5200 Pup mower, which is the subject of this article, while the Bad Boy 6000 Pup is larger in terms of cutting width, yet has the same power. The engine powering the Bad Boy 5200 Pup Zero Turn Mower is a Kohler Command engine. This engine is a two-cylinder model that doesn’t get too hot thanks to an air-cooled system. The engine uses a fully pressurized lubrication system to prevent seizing or excessive wear. The engine is started with an ignition key. When the engine is running, it recharges the battery via a 20-amp alternator.

The fuel tank that supplies gasoline to the Bad Boy 5200 Pup is very large, with a capacity of 54. 9 liters. This large fuel capacity is very practical as it means you will rarely need to refill. The engine transfers power to the rear wheels through a dual hydrostatic drive system comprised of Hydro-Gear pumps and Parker wheel motors. This system gives the Pup 5200 a top speed of 10 mph forwards.

The Bad Boy 5200 Pup’s rear wheels do most of the work. Your job is to propel the mower, steer it, and support most of its weight. Each rear wheel is 23×10. 5-12 (23-inch diameter, 10. 5-inch width, 12-inch rim diameter). The main function of the front wheels is to allow the 5200 to turn easily. That’s why they’re smooth and measure 13×6. 5-6 (13-inch diameter, 6. 5-inch width, 6-inch rim diameter). The mower deck has a 52-inch cutting width. There are also many accessories that you can use with this machine ranging from utility trucks to snow plow blades.

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